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Metal Swing Sets for Younger and Older kids

Component Playgrounds builds metal swing sets and home playground equipment products to the highest standard of quality. Playgrounds are a fundamental part of the childhood experience and they should be safe havens for our children. All of us have memories of playing on playgrounds in our neighborhood parks and at recess in the school yard. Our swing sets have been designed with childhood memories, safety and durability in mind. The structure is manufactured using only the highest quality heavy gauge Super 40 galvanized steel.

Build childhood memories on your families metal swing set

Every Child deserves to grow up with memories of playing on a high quality affordable Component Playgrounds home swing set. Our Home Playground equipment is designed so that moms, dads and grandparents can swing and play confidently; knowing that Component Playgrounds metal playground equipment is designed to hold adults and children. Start building family memories today!

Pick your favorite events

You can customize your new high quality swing set. Because our Playground Professionals are committed to quality, value and service, we are excited to work with you to build the playground of your dreams. You can purchase your new customized Component Playgrounds home playground with confidence. Because you picked the events that your children like the most, you know your new backyard swing set will be an asset to your family for many, many years to come.

Because your children deserve the best metal swing set

Each of the swing sets manufactured by Component Playgrounds has been carefully designed with children in mind. Children love to swing and play. Parents and grandparents want to know that the swing set is high quality, built to last and safe for their children and grand children.We pay careful attention to all of the details, so that you can confidently purchase the best home playground equipment on the market. Component Playgrounds meets or exceeds current safety standards! Each swingset has been designed for Safety, Durability, Creativity, and Fun.

Active children are healthy children

Component Playgrounds designs and manufactures high quality metal swing sets and home playground equipment. Our equipment provides activities specifically designed to target physical activity, social development and fun for children of all ages. Our mission is to provide superior quality products at a fair and competitive price. We promote safety and fun for children of all ages.

Highly recommended, and thanks for making a great product!
After breaking up many fights between 3 grandchildren about which 2 could swing at the same time, we decided to splurge on a new swing set. Since kids grow up so fast, we didn`t want to waste our hard-earned money on a "kiddie" set they would outgrow in 2 years. We decided to buy something of commercial quality that would last for years. Our surfing & Googling brought us to Component Playgrounds with what appeared to be a sturdy, durable 10' swing set. I made a phone call & the staff was friendly & helpful. Once it arrived, the set went together very quickly and we began enjoying the swing the next day. Great purchase! Although we waited 2 weeks before we attempted it, we had 3 adults (over 600# combined) swinging at one time, and there was no indication that the swing couldn`t handle it. Highly recommended, and thanks for making a great product! If you want a swing set or other playground set that will outlast your current kids and be there for your grandkids, give them a call, you wont be disappointed.
Metal Swing Set


Date published: 09/17/2014



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