A-Frame Commercial Swing Sets

Component Playgrounds' Commercial A-Frame Swing Sets

The A-Frame swingsets have been designed for Safety, Durability, Creativity, and Fun.  They provide superior quality at a fair price; they promote safety, fitness, and fun for kids and adults.  Choose from any of our tall swing heights, either 8’ or 10’, and the heavy duty construction will allow kids of all ages to enjoy this great swing set for many years.  The heavy duty design of these A-Frame swing sets will easily hold adults.

Why are our A-Frame Swing Sets the best commercial swing sets?

Our commercial A-Frame swing sets are among the most popular A-frame swing sets available. They are built to sustain long periods of play from many kids so schools and neighborhoods can be confident in the safety of their children. Our playgrounds are a place to make lasting memories for children and families so we ensure all our equipment is durable and safe. Our commercial playgrounds can be installed in any area so no matter what type of property you have, our A-Frame swing sets will work for you.

These are the Facts:

  • Our Swing Sets are the Strongest! Structural post minimum yield strength: 50,000 psi. Max bending moment: 67,040 psi.
  • Our Swing Sets Have the Best Warranty! Component Playgrounds swing sets and backyard playground equipment is under warranty for as long as you own it! Call and ask one of our Playground Professionals to explain the difference between our warranty and a “lifetime” warranty offered by other playground manufacturers.
  • Our Swing Sets Require the Least Maintenance! Component Playgrounds swing sets and backyard playground structures require little or no maintenance! The best home playground purchase decision that you can make is Component Playgrounds brand equipment!
  • Our Swing Sets are Built for Durability! Our metal swingsets are incredibly durable and functional and are built to outlast all of your children. In fact, as your children grow and become parents themselves, this equipment will last long enough for your grandchildren to play on the same swing set that you are purchasing today.
  • Safety Is Our First And Most Important Goal! Component Playgrounds manufactures High-Quality Playgrounds that have been carefully designed to meet current safety standards. The metal swing sets made by Component Playgrounds are built tough! They have been designed to hold up to even the most active children. Parents want their children to be safe in their own backyards, so we manufacture our swing sets with safety as our first goal.
  • Nothing Beats Creativity! Component Playgrounds equipment encourages creativity! Your children and grandchildren will have fun, swinging as high as they can. Imagination is a powerful thing, and soaring through the air encourages imagination and creativity! We all love to swing! Find your favorite set and select buy now to put your backyard fun into motion.

Trust Component Playgrounds for quality, reliability, and customer service. For 25 years, we have been making children smile with high-quality swing sets and home playground equipment.

Only the Best Materials

Our swing sets are manufactured using only the best materials. The structure is manufactured using only the highest quality heavy gauge Super 40 galvanized steel. Our steel meets stringent quality and reliability requirements, as well as many steel industry certification standards.

Our pipe has a triple outside diameter coating which includes high purity zinc, a chromate conversion layer, and a new superior clear organic coating. This, combined with a special I.D. coating creates a product that looks good and has the excellent corrosion resistance that you expect. The steel must also pass humidity and salt spray testing from certifying agencies and provides a very high level of customer satisfaction. The structural steel meets or exceeds ASTM F-1043.

The chain meets or exceeds similar industry standards and has a 750-pound test rating. This 3/16” smooth welded chain will never let you down, nor will it pinch your child’s hands or grab your child’s hair as many of our competitors' chains will do. Optionally, our chain is then dipped into a high-quality polymer to create a coating that adds a Fun Brite look and is comfortable for small hands to hold onto.

Component Playgrounds ships Home Playground Equipment and Commercial Playground Equipment.

Detailed written and photo diagrams are included for installation.

Customize your Playground Equipment!

Our Playground Professionals will be happy to help you customize and personalize your new backyard playground equipment. Call now and let us help you make your home playground dreams become a reality. Toll-Free 1.877.530.0222.

Component Playgrounds proudly offers the best backyard swings and home playground equipment on the market. We pay careful attention to all of the details so that parents and grandparents can confidently purchase high-quality backyard playground equipment for their children and grandchildren. 

Component Playgrounds is proud to be a part of your backyard playground memories. We promise to provide superior quality backyard swing sets that are designed to last. We are proud of our metal swing sets and home playground equipment and we stand behind them with a cutting-edge warranty that protects your playground investment for as long as you own it.

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