Our Mission

At Component Playgrounds our mission is to provide superior, quality products at a fair price that promote safety and fun for families and kids of all ages.  Component Playgrounds is quality that lasts. We are confident that you will be impressed and satisfied with the quality, safety and durability.

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Superior Quality that lasts!


Client's swing set still going strong after 30 years!

Component Playgrounds employs a team of playground professionals that are prepared to help you with your playground purchase and answer all of your questions thoroughly.

 Our team of trained playground professionals are dedicated to providing the best quality and customer service available in the industry. We are anxious and happy to help you at each step of the way as you make your playground purchase decision.


The Component Playgrounds team - Component Playgrounds in Salt Lake City, Utah

Fun-Filled Backyard Memories Start Here!

Your Children Deserve the Best!
Smart parents and grandparents all over America are purchasing Component Playgrounds, the highest quality swing sets and backyard playground equipment available, for their children.

Your Children Want to Have Lots of Fun!
Our back yard swing sets are the most fun! Swing Higher, Play Harder and Slide Faster! Component Playgrounds builds the best and most durable playground equipment on the market!!  

You Want Your Children to Play Safe!
Component Playgrounds outdoor metal swing sets are sturdy! First-rate design, attention to detail, and heavy-duty materials make our playground equipment the first and best choice of parents nationwide. Each individual swing on every metal swing set we sell is rated to hold more than 500 pounds! Component Playgrounds Back Yard Metal Swing Sets and Playground Equipment meet or exceed current safety standards.

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You Want Your Children to be Active!
Component Playgrounds home playground equipment is designed to target physical activity, social development and fun for children of all ages. Promote creativity and an active lifestyle for your children, order your Component Playground today!

You Want to Encourage Imagination!
Component Playgrounds is your factory direct source for high-quality metal swing sets and home playground equipment. Look at our Photo Gallery and imagine the possibilities in your back yard! Imagine what your children can dream up with their own high-quality Component Playgrounds heavy duty metal swing set.  

You Want to Buy With Confidence!
Component Playgrounds swing sets and backyard playground equipment is under warranty for as long as you own it! For the past fun-filled 25 years, parents and grandparents have been confidently purchasing Component Playgrounds metal swing sets and playground equipment for their families. Take advantage of today’s specials and Order Yours Today!  

You do not want a lot of Maintenance!
Component Playgrounds backyard swing sets and backyard playground structures are constructed of heavy galvanized steel and require little or no maintenance!  

You Want it to Fit into Your Back Yard, and have ALL the Toys Your Children Want!
Call our Playground Professionals and Customize your outdoor metal swing set today!  

Proud American Company You Want Expandability!
You have the option of expanding your playground as your needs grow and change. Component Playgrounds gives you the freedom to customize, change and add to your playground. You can start small and add to the structure as the years go by, or you can make a large set even larger. Talk to one of our knowledgeable Playground professionals about your playground plans today.  

You Want to Support American Products!
Component Playgrounds swing sets and home playground equipment Products are proudly made in America!


Our Manufacturing Plant

Playhouse Swingset - Component Playgrounds in Salt Lake City, Utah            

The Best Raw Materials become the Best Swing Sets and Home Playground Equipment!

Our swing sets are manufactured using only the best materials. The structure is manufactured using only the highest quality heavy gauge Super 40 galvanized steel. Our steel meets stringent quality and reliability requirements, as well as many steel industry certification standards.

Our pipe has a triple outside diameter coating which includes high purity zinc, a chromate conversion layer, and a new superior clear organic coating. This, combined with a special I.D. coating creates a product that looks good and has the excellent corrosion resistance that you expect. The steel must also pass humidity and salt spray testing from certifying agencies and provides a very high level of customer satisfaction. The structural steel meets or exceeds ASTM F-1043.

The chain meets or exceeds similar industry standards and has a 750 pound test rating. This 3/16” smooth welded chain will never let you down, nor will it pinch your child’s hands or grab your child’s hair as many of our competitors chain will do. Optionally, our chain is then dipped into a high quality polymer to create a coating that adds a fun brite look and is comfortable for small hands to hold onto.

Best Product, Best Warranty, Best Service, Best Value!

  • Our manufacturing facility is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
  • All orders are processed, manufactured and shipped from this location. 
  • All structural parts are completely processed: cut, drilled, bent and welded as necessary in our plant in Salt Lake City to build for you the highest quality commercial grade for residential use playground equipment on the market. 
  • One location for sales and manufacturing is instrumental in providing the best customer service available, the highest level of quality control and the fastest processing time from order date to shipment.

To all of you, from all of us at Component Playgrounds - Thank you and Happy Swinging!

Clark Dillon
Owner, Operator