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Understanding the benefits of exercise for our children often leads us to encourage important outdoor activities to keep them healthy and happy. At Component Playgrounds we understand that providing families with durable swing sets and affordable backyard swing sets give parents a convenient and safe place to get kids outside and moving every day. Our swing sets are constructed of 100% galvanized steel and all of our playground equipment comes with a warranty to cover workmanship and materials for as long as you own it! Choose from our large selection of top quality swing sets to fit your budget, from basic starter swing sets that you can add to later to deluxe playground sets, a quality backyard swing set is an investment in the health of your children that will continue for the next generation. 

A Top-Quality Investment to Last a Lifetime

At Component Playgrounds our mission is to promote fun and safety by providing top quality swing sets to grow with your kids. We are dedicated to providing you and your family with the best customer service with our team of specially trained playground professionals to help you choose the best options to fit your budget and your needs, throughout the installation and for as long as you own your Component Playground backyard swings set. We’re proud to offer swing sets in the SLC area. Contact us about getting your swing set installed locally in Salt Lake City!

A-Frame Swing Set (AF01)
The AF01 Tire Swing Set Who doesn't remember spinning on a tire swing until feeling sick? The AF..
A-Frame Swing Set (AF20)
The AF20 Swing Set Whether your A-frame swing set is in Grandma & Grandpa's backyard or ..
A-Frame Swing Set (AF30)
The AF30 Swing Set The AF30 is our Best Seller! It is everything you want in a backyard sw..
Monkey Tree Swing Set (MT21)
The MT21 Swing SetThe MT21 is a great swing set to start out with. You can add onto your swing se..
Monkey Tree Swing Set (MT44)
The MT44 Swing SetThe MT44 has everything a swing set needs! Take a spin on the tire swing, zip d..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH30)
The PH30 Swing SetThe PH30 is the best backyard swing set for your family! Get ready to make memo..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH35)
The PH35 Swing SetDo you have a family member or friend that loves to play on monkey bars? If so,..
Starter Swing Set (ST20)
The ST20 Swing SetThe ST20 is a great swing set to start out with, especially if you don't have a l..
Starter Swing Set (ST30)
The ST30 Swing SetThe ST30 is a great swing set to start out with. The slide is a great accessory..
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