3 Fun Backyard Basketball Games for Kids

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Boy Dribbling Basketball - Component Playgrounds Utah

Shooting hoops in the backyard or driveway promote healthy activity and can be played alone or with creative variations to rack up the fun. Basketball shooting games are perfect for kids with varying skill levels because everyone gets to play. A home basketball court will provide kids with physical fitness benefits, important social interactions, and valuable sports conditioning.

Here are 3 fun backyard basketball games for kids of all ages:

Follow the Leader

This game can be played with two or more players using one ball or a ball for each player.To play;
  • Choose a 'leader', rotate leaders often to make sure everyone gets a turn.
  • All other players will copy the series of actions that the leader demonstrates.
  • The leader can do basketball drills for skill focus or get creative, silly or crazy.Here are a few ideas to demonstrate or suggest:
    • Toss the basketball up, clap 5x and catch it
    • Dribble while singing a song, counting or saying the ABC's backwards
    • Spin the ball on your finger
    • Dribble behind your back or through your legs
Playing Follow the Leader helps to reinforce dribbling and shooting techniques to encourage confidence for scrimmage practice.


Poison is a fast-paced home basketball game to practice shooting skills and agility.Rules of play:
  • 2 or more players line up single-file at the free throw line.
    • In turn, everyone shoots
    • If the shooter makes a basket, he or she must retrieve the ball after only ONE BOUNCE and shoot again from that spot.
  • When the shooter misses they will go to the back of the line.
  • The next in line must retrieve the ball after only one bounce. If you miss the ball, you are out! When a shooter makes it in 3X, he or she yells, "POISON!"
  • All other players freeze in place.
  • The shooter must try to tag someone by bowling the ball at him or her.
  • Tagged players are out of the game.
Poison can be playing on both indoor and outdoor basketball courts. While there is skill involved in this game it also has a lot to do with luck. Good luck and have fun!


The game of Twenty-One is a fun alternative way to play 1 on 1 to help refine shooting techniques and dribbling skills. You need to have at least 2 players; each player plays as an individual.To play:
  • Player #1 begins by dribbling to the 3-point line and shooting for a basket.
  • If the basket is missed, all players will go for the rebound.
  • If player #1 gets the rebound, he or she will try to shoot again.
  • All other players will play defense to try to prevent a basket.
  • When player #1 sinks a basket, he or she earns 1 point.
  • The next player(s) will take their turn from the 3-point line.
  • The player to get to 21 points wins but must be at least 2 points ahead. Standard basketball rules will apply:
    • All fouls are called.
    • No double dribbling.
    • You can allow free throws for baskets made.

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