Durable Swingsets for Life: Why Choose Steel?

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If you're looking for a swingset for your kids or grandchildren, a metal swingset from Component Playgrounds is the way to go. Our swingsets have numerous benefits that you will enjoy for years to come. Not only are they more durable than wood playground equipment, but they will last a very long time. Let us show you the many reasons why you should consider a metal swingset for your children.

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Metal Swingsets are Less Expensive then Wood

You will find that a good metal swingset will cost you less than a wood swingset of equal quality. The availability of wood to build these products along with the extra expense to make the wood weather resistant can drive up the costs. Not only that, but wood swingsets require a lot of maintenance, which makes them much more expensive to care for than metal swingsets. Since wood will eventually break down despite your best efforts, there are also replacement costs to consider as well.

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You Will Have Less Maintenance with a Metal Swingset

Wood swingsets or swingsets made of non-galvanized metal require routine maintenance to keep them in great shape. As the wood weathers on a wooden swingset, you will need to be on the lookout for splintering that could injure small hands. Both non-galvanized metal and wood swingsets also require regular painting, finishing or sealing against the elements to prevent rot and rust. Our galvanized metal swingsets require very little maintenance – once you set up your swingset, you and your children will have years of worry-free enjoyment!

Metal Swingsets Are Easy to Put Together

A big advantage that metal swingsets have over wood is that they are much easier to build. The metal framework for our swingsets is much lighter than wood posts. You and a partner can construct your swingset in an afternoon, without calling on friends and neighbors for help hoisting heavy beams. Not only that, but wood products often warp or come with other imperfections that can make construction frustrating.

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Worst of all, some wooden swingset kits don't even come with the wood. That means that you'll spend hours cutting your own framework before you can even begin to assemble the playset.


The Difference in Quality

Our swingsets are made of galvanized steel, which is a heavy-duty material that will not bend, bow or break like the cheaper metal products that you can find at your local department stores. The steel we use stands up to exacting quality requirements, and it meets or exceeds a variety of industry certification standards.


The galvanized steel in our metal swingset kits has been coated with premium-quality zinc, a chromate layer and an organic clear finish. This means that our metal swingsets are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The intensive finishing process also ensures that the swingset will continue to look good, despite years of use and exposure to the elements.

When it comes to hardware, we use the finest products available so that you never have to worry about your metal swingset breaking or posing a safety hazard. We use a welded chain that is rated for 750 pounds. Unlike many swingset chains, the chain we use don't pinch fingers or catch on hair and clothing. As with our galvanized steel, the chains undergo a treatment process that keeps them looking new, while providing a smooth, comfortable surface for your hands.


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People prefer metal swingsets from Component Playgrounds because of the care we take to provide a durable product that you can enjoy with your children and with your grandchildren in the years to come.

Last update: Jan 24, 2020