Churches and faith-based organizations play an indispensable part in the moral and spiritual development of children, and human development must include exercising the physical body too. An outdoor playground is the perfect way to add this essential element, and to integrate fun and play into the church experience, as well as provide an important resource to your community. One important consideration that your church or faith-based organization should consider when choosing playground equipment is the fact that your play area will be open for use by the public, therefore you should only consider commercial-grade equipment that will not only provide the highest level of safety, but will withstand the rigors of hard use, the elements, and time. Component Playgrounds offers a complete line of swing sets and playground equipment that is great for churches, including swing sets, slides, swings, monkey bars, teeter totters, horizontal bars, clubhouses, and playhouses. We have a huge selection of playground designs, every one guaranteed to provide challenging and fun physical elements to help to develop young physiques, and we have one to accommodate any budget, large or small.

Shop for the Perfect Swing Set and Site Amenities for Your Faith Organization Below

Component Playgrounds has been providing churches and faith-based organizations with affordable playground equipment that are safe, age-appropriate, and of the highest commercial-grade quality. To get started shopping for your perfect playground, simply browse our product line below. All orders that are placed online are shipped for free within the contiguous 48 states. Or if you prefer, one of our experienced Playground Consultants will assist you in choosing the best playground components for your unique requirements.

If you have any questions, contact Component Playgrounds at 877-530-0222. We are always happy to help!

Aluminum Park Bench
Our aluminum park benches are available in two lengths, eight feet or six feet.  Our park be..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH47)
The CH47 Swing SetThe CH47 is taller, stronger, safer and more fun! Your swing set is ma..
Commercial -PS24 Post Swing Set
The classic double metal swing set made of galvanized steel. Our galvanized steel frame is the str..
Commercial-AF12 A-Frame Swing Set
The classic double metal swing set made of galvanized steel. Our galvanized steel frame is the stron..
Commercial-AR12 Arch Swing Set
The classic double metal swing set made of galvanized steel. Our galvanized steel frame is t..
Deluxe Volleyball Package
The Deluxe Volleyball Package What's Included: Poles w/ Adjustable Net Height ..
Double Teeter Totter
Our Teeter Totters are available in two sizes. The Junior is 8'6" and the Senior is 10'6" and they ..
Infinity Rectangular Picnic Table T#INF
Custom Order. Upon ordering, it will take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Introducing The New INFINITY ST..
L Series Bench with Back
Custom Order. Upon ordering, it will take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Our 8ft Standar..
L Series Bench without Back B#L
Custom Order. Upon ordering, it takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. Our 8ft Standard I..
Playground Monkey Bars
This unit is available in 14' long and stands 7’ off the ground. The overall length of the unit wil..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH45)
The PH45 Swing SetThe PH45 is the swing set for you! Make your backyard swing set as fantastic as..
Poly Coated Park Bench
Our polymer coated steel park benches are available in two sizes: eight foot or six foot.  O..
Poly Coated Picnic Table
Our Poly-coated steel picnic tables are available in two sizes, 6’ or 8’. Can be portable or perm..
Regal Square Picnic Table T46RC4
Custom Order. Upon ordering, it will take 4-6 weeks for delivery. The Regal Style Square tables f..
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Choosing the Right Playground Equipment for Your Church

When it comes time to add outdoor playground equipment to your church, Component Playgrounds in Salt Lake City, Utah offers all the custom-built playground alternatives you will need. These sturdy playsets are made from galvanized steel, making them just about as close to maintenance-free as possible.

Galvanized steel won’t rust, and it is built to last. We’ve been open since 1984, and some of our first swing sets were once used by children who now see their own children using it. These swing sets are lighter than wood, and they won’t rot making them a great outdoor playground option.

How Do You Choose the Right Outdoor Playground Sets for Churches?

Determine Placement: You need to think about the space in which you will set up the equipment, as well as existing shade or sun. Will, the site be subjected to water runoff, or standing water without working on the ground? How far from existing structures do you want the equipment placed? All of these things and more should be taken into consideration as you determine which equipment you want to put outside at your church.

We offer more than traditional swing sets too. We have park benches, , as well as sports equipment for older kids. We have volleyball nets, basketball hoops, tetherball equipment and more outdoor structures to ensure that the youth of your church are entertained, and the adults can safely and comfortably watch them as they play.

Decide Who is the Equipment Intended for If your goal is to keep elementary children busy and entertained after school, you may not need outdoor equipment intended for toddlers or high school kids. If you want something that can help little ones burn off energy on Sundays, swing sets that are accommodating to smaller children might be make more sense.

You may want something that will entice youth to come and play basketball or tetherball even when church isn’t in session. Equipment made by Component Playgrounds is not only sold in Salt Lake City, but it is made right here in Salt Lake City as well. No matter the age group you’re intending for our equipment to be used for, we have long-lasting, attractive, and suitable equipment to match your needs.

What is Your Budget? Meeting a budget doesn’t mean you get equipment that won’t last as long or equipment that isn’t as safe. Share your goals for the equipment with us, and share you budget limits, and we’ll show you the playground equipment and other outdoor accessories that will meet your needs. We want to keep you happy, and we also want to ensure the kids this playground equipment for churches is intended for will want to safely use the things that we make and sell at Component Playgrounds.

Looking for the Right Right Playground Equipment for Your Church? Contact Us

We were founded in 1984 and have been leading the charge for residential and commercial playsets since that time. Not only has our equipment been used at churches, but we also have playsets at schools, daycares, parks, and residences all over the United States. We make our equipment to last, so we offer a lifetime limited warranty. Call 877-530-0222 and see that our quality equipment will help keep the young people of your church happy and safe.