Commercial Products

Commercial Products

Kids love to run,jump, climb and swing. More than that, they need to do all of those things on aregular basis. Statistics show that children who are free to run and have fun arehealthier, smarter and more disciplined. Whether you are constructing aplayground for a school, church, daycare center, park or even your ownbackyard, it is important to install a quality piece of equipment that canwithstand the rigors of childhood antics.

Component Playgrounds has beenmanufacturing and selling high quality playground equipment for more than 32years. An industry leader, Component Playground strives to make playing funagain. Building industrial strength equipment that is durable enough to holdup for years of constant use, our commercial offerings include avariety of setups and configurations for the following:

•  Swing sets
•  Slides
•  Moneybars
•  Teetertotters
•  Playhousesand Clubhouses

What to Look For When Buying Commercial Playground Equipment

When it is time tobuild the playground of your dreams, be sure that you choose equipment thatwill withstand years of use – and abuse. Kids can be hard on playground equipment,that is why Component Playground works so hard to ensure that every piece ofplayground equipment we install has been tested for strength, durability,safety and of course hours of fun! Whether you are looking for a swingset for a church play yard, or a complete climbing, swinging, and jumpingapparatus for a park or school, you need to be sure that you choose every pieceof equipment carefully. So what should you be looking for? Here are some keyelements to consider:



When caring forchildren, safety should always be for most in your mind. At ComponentPlayground we take safety very seriously. That is why every piece of playgroundequipment we sell is designed with your children in mind. Thoroughlytested and certified, our equipment meets – or exceeds – all industry safetystandards.


When you are lookingfor commercial playground equipment, you want to be sure it lasts. Ourswing sets are manufactured using only the best materials including heavy gaugeSuper 40 steel. Meeting stringent quality, and reliabilityrequirements, as well as many steel industry certification standards, thissteel piping also has a triple outside diameter coating.

The structural steelused in manufacturing our equipment meets or exceeds ASTM F-1043 compared tothe 18-gaiage tubing most other playground manufactures use. We have not found anyone else in the industrythat has pipe that is galvanized on the inside similar to ours. At ComponentPlaygrounds, we promise that our equipment will stand the test of time, and lookgood longer than any other swing set on the market.


Installation instructions are provided for any style of Commercial Swing Set. Because the Super Structures can be customized, we ask that you call to talk to one of our professional installers with questions you may have!


Commercial playgroundequipment needs to last for years, with little maintenance. Our Equipment is maintenance free!

The Benefits of Playground Equipment

Kids love to beoutside, but is it necessary to invest in commercial playground equipment foryour facility? When deciding what kind of playground to design, it isimportant to remember that an outdoor play does more than occupy children: Ithelps them grow. Research has shown that playing outdoors on certifiedplayground equipment can help children grow physically, mentally and socially. Hereare just some of the ways your new playground can help the children you carefor develop:

•  Encourageshealthy exercise. It is important thatchildren get at least 60 minutes of exercise each day to ward off obesity andother health problems.
• Encourages social interaction with peers. Even a shy child canbenefit from their time on the playground. For generations parents and teachersalike have watched as children use the playground as safe place to learn how tointeract, deal with conflict, and simply work together.
• Builds self-confidence. Climbers and ladders challenge children andgive them a safe way to take risks. Accomplishing even the simplest playgroundchallenge can help to build a child self-esteem and grow their confidence.
• Builds cognitive abilities. Playing helps to build neural circuitsin the brain, and this can lead to an increase in cognitive abilities. Whetheralone or in group, outdoor play helps a child learns more.
• Increases behavior. A child who is strong and confident in theirphysical and mental abilities is much better behaved. Allowing children thefreedom to run off their excess energy, work with others, and challenge theirabilities exhibit less frustration and is better able to control theirbehavior.

Designing the Playground of Your Children’s Dreams

Is it time to designand install a playground at your facility? From a single swing set, to anin-depth climber or playhouse, the professional staff ay Component Playgroundis ready to help you get started. Working with your space, needs, and budget, we can design the best looking structure for your facility,or create the perfect play yard that compliments your facility right now.Call 1-877-530-0222 or contactus online for a free consultation to learn how a new playground can offerhours of learning fun.

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