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Commercial Arch Swing Sets

It is true, the family that plays together does indeed stay together. In a world where video games and other singular activities seem to rule the day, families find themselves constantly confronted with the dilemma of finding things to do together. Commercial Arch Swing Sets provided by Component Playgrounds not only provide families with endless hours of entertainment and countless opportunities to engage each other, they afford families many other benefits that most people have probably never considered.

Durable and Accommodating

Making the decision to purchase a swing set is a big one, because quality and durability have to be at the forefront of the decision-making process. Commercial Arch Swing Sets are made to last for generations, as they are constructed of galvanized steel. Each set comes with a lifetime warranty and once placed in position, can withstand high wind gust and other types of severe weather events. Commercial Arch Swing Sets are designed to grow along with children, and can be adjusted and modified to accommodate their needs. In addition, these swing sets can be designed and modified to accommodate the needs of any fitness conscious adult. There are a variety of options to choose from as the sets can be built from the smallest scale to the largest. In terms of design, the sets can be built in the traditional A-frame design as well as the following popular designs:

•  Clubhouse Swing Sets
•  Monkey Tree Swing Sets
•  Playhouse Swing Sets
•  Post Swing Sets
•  Super Swing Sets
•  Arch Swing Sets

A Multitude of Benefits

The health benefits associated with owning a swing set are immeasurable. The most obvious benefit of swing set ownership is the fact that they keep children and adults moving. The sturdy construction of Commercial Arch Swing Sets, allow for countless hours of stress free exercise for every member of the family. Parents can feel good knowing their decision to purchase a swing set is providing their children with healthy habits and health benefits they will benefit from the rest of their lives.

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the rate of childhood obesity is twice what it was three decades ago, in young children and three times what it was over the same period of time in adolescents. Children require at least one hour of physical activity every day to remain healthy, according to the CDC. Swing sets provide users with a full body workout as the activity engages muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons all at once.

There are also a host of educational benefits associated with swing equipment. Studies conducted by Scholastic revealed children who engage in physical activity on jungle gyms have better vestibular balance, sensory integration, perceptional skills and spatial awareness than children who don’t. Children with these enhanced skills tend to have more defined hand-eye coordination, stronger mental capabilities, are better in sports and are more fit than those who don’t engage in activity on outdoor playsets.

Adults can also benefit from the purchase of a Commercial Arch Swing Set, as a quiet house is a happy house. When kids are outside playing within the confines of their own backyard, parents don’t have to worry about their whereabouts. While the children are outside, parents have the opportunity to catch up on the work they brought home, get dinner cooked or just take some quiet time for themselves.

Make the Call for Better Health

Anyone who is thinking about purchasing a swing set or any type of playground equipment for home or commercial use should contact Component Playgrounds. Company representatives are available to answer any questions you have, and are happy to help place you and your family on a path of healthy living through the ownership of a Commercial Arch Swing Set. Component Playgrounds is the premiere provider of sports equipment, which can be installed in or above ground, including picnic tables, benches and bike racks, multi deck super structures and trampolines.

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