Commercial Post Swing Sets

Why Our Commercial Swing Sets are Right for You

Commercial Swing Sets in Utah - Commercial Playground EquipmentThe Post Swing metal swing set models are unique and offer maximum swing fun in minimum space! Their heavy duty construction and awesome swinging height will allow kids and adults of all ages to enjoy any one of these great sets for a long time. Choose either 8’ tall or 10’ tall finished swing height. Their heavy duty design can easily hold adults.

Durable Commercial Playground Equipment that Lasts

The swingsets made by Component Playgrounds are built tough! They have been designed to hold up to even the most active kids. Parents want their kids to be safe at the playground, so we manufacture our swing sets with safety as our first goal. Second is durability, our metal swingsets are incredibly durable and functional and are built to last. Third, Component Playgrounds equipment encourages creativity! The kids will have fun, swinging as high as they can. Imagination is a powerful thing, and soaring through the air encourages imagination and creativity! We all love to swing! Swinging on a tall and secure swing set is just plain fun! Trust Component Playgrounds for quality, reliability and customer service.For nearly a quarter of a century we have been making kids smile with high quality swings.

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