Component Playgrounds allow you to choose the pieces you want for your child. This means not having to pay for all the stuff your child doesn’t want to play with. Being able to customize your child’s playground gives your child a whole new play experience while also being a little lighter on your wallet.

There’s no need to pay for a whole playground set when all you need is a slide and some handlebars. Thankfully, component playgrounds are made to be 100% customizable and interchangeable.  

While we don’t do custom shapes, there are a number of different ways you can attach the components together in order to get the play set that’s ideal for your child. So, when looking through our selection, keep in mind that there are a near infinite amount of possibilities for you when setting up your child’s new playground.

With that many choices, it’s nearly impossible to have a set that isn’t 100% unique to your child and their situation.

Whether you want a playground built in a schoolyard, or in your back yard, Component Playgrounds can help make it happen. Contact Component Playgrounds to speak to a representative today!