At daycare facilities, a playground is a wonderful place for group interaction and social stimulation. During the early years of children’s lives, they undergo crucial physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. Having a blast on a playground is one of the most enriching ways for this essential development to happen. When surrounded by playground equipment, kids move and have fun simultaneously. Climbing slides help children work out their legs while swinging on monkey bars strengthens their arms and shoulders. While utilizing playground equipment, kids discover the world around them through sensory experiences and motor activities. As they master tasks, children’s self-confidence soars. Due to the numerous benefits of play, ensuring you buy the right swing sets and other playground equipment for your daycare is important. At Component Playgrounds, our swing sets and playground equipment for daycare centers are proudly made in America. In fact, we process, manufacture, and ship our playground equipment from our Utah location. In addition to playground equipment, we also sell amenities such as bike racks, park benches, and picnic tables. Parents entrust the safety of their kids to daycare workers, therefore, choosing sturdy, durable playground equipment for this type of facility is necessary. Our long-lasting swing sets are constructed from galvanized steel. Unlike cheap materials, galvanized steel won’t bend or rust. Due to our confidence in our products, we provide daycare customers with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Our playground professionals are delighted to help you select the best playground equipment for your daycare. Feel free to contact us at 877-530-0222 with any questions you might have. To begin the search for your perfect playground, shop our product line below. All swing sets purchased online are shipped for free to any of the 48 contiguous states.

12' Balance Beam
This Heavy duty steel balance beam comes standard in a strait 12’ length. This metal 4”X4”, or 2” x..
Chinning Bars
Our triple chinning bars come standard in three sections and are adjustable. The first section is..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH20)
The CH20 Swing SetWhat a fun swing set! So much creativity can be born with the Clubhouse Deck. U..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH25)
The CH25 Swing SetThe CH25 is so fantastic! Slide races can be so fun with the two slides sit..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH30)
The CH30 Swing SetThe CH30 is the perfect swing set model for you and your family! This model has..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH35)
The CH35 Swing SetThis CH35 model is perfect for family and friends that love to play on monk..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH44)
The CH44 Swing SetComponent Playgrounds has made the CH44 durable enough to happily accommoda..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH45)
The CH45 Swing SetThe CH45 is the ultimate Clubhouse Swing Set! This swing set will accommoda..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH47)
The CH47 Swing SetThe CH47 is taller, stronger, safer and more fun! Your swing set is ma..
Commercial-AF24 A-Frame Swing Set
Twice the number of swings for twice the fun! Our galvanized steel frame is the strongest metal fram..
Commercial-AR24 Arch Swing Set
Twice the number of swings for twice the fun! Our galvanized steel frame is the strongest metal fr..
Fence Climber for Playgrounds
This climbing event comes standard with two climbing sections. The first has a height of 7’6” with ..
Fire Pole Climber for Playgrounds
The Fire Pole Climber is an exciting climbing and sliding adventure! This climber can be installe..
Parallel Bars
They are 10’ long, standing 4' off the ground, and are 2’ wide. This gymnastic style bar system is ..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH30)
The PH30 Swing SetThe PH30 is the best backyard swing set for your family! Get ready to make memo..
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