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Component Playground's Durable Tetherball Set

This heavy-duty commercial grade tetherball pole stands 8'8" tall after installation and has 12” of zinc-coated chain permanently attached to the top.  The chain will make it easier to attach and remove the ball while standing at ground level.  This unit is constructed of the same tough 2⅜” galvanized Super 40 steel pipe that our customer expects. This heavy-duty tetherball pole is great for homes, schools, or other public places.

Our tetherball package is the perfect addition to your backyard or playground area. All of the Component Playgrounds products are made with premium materials so they can last throughout the lifetime of your family or community. If you are looking for excuses to build memories or just have some backyard fun, this tetherball set is perfect for you!

Tetherball Set Includes:

  • 9' Pole
  • Ground Sleeve 
  • 12" Zinc Coated Chain
  • Tetherball w/ Rope

    Customer Review

    I've ordered multiple things from Component Playgrounds for our homeowner's association. Their customer service is amazing, and they are prompt with quotes and have helpful suggestions. The pricing can't be beat, and installation was prompt and professional. They've even been out to fix equipment that they don't carry and the repair was better than the original product. I couldn't be happier!
    Multiple Items Purchased Date published: 10/01/2014


    5 / 5 stars

    How To Play Tetherball And Understand Tetherball Rules

    How To Build A Tetherball Set

    The game of tetherball is one of the oldest recognized outdoor activities. While its roots are not exactly known, it has been traced back to several areas of Europe as early as the late 1800s. It is a game that is enjoyed by people of all ages in many areas throughout the world.

    One of the reasons the game is so popular is that the basic requirements are simple. It does not require a huge open area like football, basketball, or tennis. It also does not need teams or expensive protective equipment. At the core, all you really need to play the game is a pole, tetherball ball, and rope.

    First make sure the pole is secure within the ground or anchored by heavy sand, water, or concrete. Attach the rope to the pole and ball. The ball should hang and have 360-degrees of free space around the pole.

    Equipment Variations

    As mentioned before the most basic tetherball game needs only the tetherball ball, rope, and a pole. For safe playing conditions, however, you should purchase actual tetherball equipment. Tetherball rope is usually no more than about two feet long. That means you will need at least about a five-foot diameter of play around the pole.

    Tetherball can be played with either hands or rackets contacting the ball. Lighter or softer tetherball balls can be purchased for younger hands. The game can be played on almost all surfaces, including concrete, grass, and sand.

    Mother & Son Playing Tetherball

    Understanding Tetherball Rules

    Now that you have the tetherball set assembled, it is time to learn how to play tetherball. Begin with the tetherball ball and rope hanging loosely from the pole. Two players stand on opposite sides. The general objective is for each player to hit the ball so that the rope wraps around the pole until the ball touches the pole. The opposite player is charged with interrupting the ball before it hits the pole, and reversing the action in the other direction. The player that first causes the ball to touch the pole either wins or scores a point.

    Specific Rules

    As with any game played across the world, the rules often change based on location and environment. Make sure all parties understand the rules and agree to abide by these limitations before beginning any game. Some generally suggested rules follow:

    • Players cannot directly interfere with another player or cross to their side of the pole.
    • Players cannot hold, catch, or throw the ball while in play.
    • Each player can only strike the ball once per turn. After each strike, a player cannot contact the ball again until 1) The ball wraps completely around the pole and a point is scored, or 2) The other player touches the ball.
    • Players cannot touch the rope.
    • The ball can only be touched by hand unless a racket is used.

    Professional Tetherball

    While there are no large sports leagues, smaller professional tetherball tournaments can be found. Unlike informal tetherball, these will use real equipment and have a formalized list of rules.

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