Because you have purchased a top of the line commercial grade product, you will need to be aware of some
specific shipping requirements that may be different from shipments you have received in the past through other
delivery companies (such as UPS), and you should follow the guidelines below carefully.

1. In most cases your product will arrive via common carrier truck line directly to your home with
curbside delivery only. This means the driver will facilitate the offloading of the shipment at the curb, or most
reasonable place near the curb and your house. You are then responsible to have someone physically capable
to help unload the product upon delivery and note the condition of the product as per below instructions.
2. Your product may arrive on a long crate and upon delivery—locate the packing list (usually attached
to the hardware box) and verify that each piece listed is with the shipment. ***
Please disregard any delivery driver stated “time crunches” or “needs to leave quickly” and inspect
the product to your satisfaction = this is your product so make sure it is all there in good condition
or noted properly before the driver leaves.***
3. If there are any parts/pieces missing, note this directly on the delivery receipt BEFORE you sign
and receive your copy of the receipt, with wording such as “missing xyz part” etc. Note: some shipments will
have more than one crate so check both before noting missing.
4. Similar to #3 above, also note the condition of the pieces and if any parts have been damaged
in shipping note this directly on the delivery receipt BEFORE you sign and get your copy from the driver (in
particular inspect slides for damage).
5. If your shipment appears to have damage and /or missing pieces, a freight claim must be filed
with the freight company w/in two business days. Component Playgrounds will assist you with this process if it
is necessary. Contact the shipping manager toll free @ 877-530-0222 for claims assistance.
6. Ask your driver to sign or initial the freight slip acknowledging any damage or discrepancies.
7. Get a copy of the signed delivery receipt from your delivery driver BEFORE he leaves.
8. If you are concerned or don’t know what you should do with a certain situation regarding the
shipment, please call the shipping manager toll free @ 877-530-0222 before the driver leaves.

All shortages and damaged items are the sole responsibility of the carrier. You are responsible to notify Component
Playgrounds of any shortages or damage relating to your shipment w/in 2 business days of receipt of your
equipment. After this time, any claim for shortage or loss cannot be honored.

Component Playgrounds cannot be responsible for replacement of any parts, missing or damaged, that
have not been properly noted on the delivery receipt. Component Playgrounds cannot be responsible for
damaged or missing pieces due to the fault of, or loss by the freight company.