Swing sets are great for kids of all ages. Adults also find it a place to sit and relax or think through their troubles. When investing in a swing set, it is wise to choose a set with proven durability. Steel swings made by Component Playgrounds are famous for their long life. Buying the best swing set in the market is, however, a waste of resources if you do not get to use it. In this guide, we provide general guidance on installing any of our swing sets.

Preparing for a Swing set

Do your research

Take time to understand the rules and regulations of your local zoning, building or homeowners’ association. Some neighborhoods have height restrictions. Others require that playsets conform to a specific aesthetic, visibility and material requirements.

Size up your yard

A swing set requires adequate space. The planned location should have at least 10 feet behind and in front of the swing set. If you plan to buy a swing set with obstacles on them, the clearance distance should be at least 10 feet.

Consider visibility.

You need your kids playing where you can see them. So, the place you chose for the swings should be visible from the kitchen and living area. Other places to consider are parts of the compound which can be seen from the decks, patio, and other outdoor resting areas. Knowing that they are being watched encourages good gaming behavior among children. Again, you need to monitor how they play without being a distraction.

Prepare the ground

The place you have chosen for the swings should be a level ground and far from hard gravel or cemented pavement. The area is expected to experience high traffic, and the grass will take the beating. Make it a safer playing ground by placing softer materials such as mulch, sand or wood chips.

Placing the Swing Set

Ensure all your pieces are available

Once you are home with your swing set from Component Playgrounds, take time to take stock of all the pieces. The parts manual will guide you in identifying the different components and the number of pieces for each. Take care not to lose the small parts such as nuts, screws, and bolts. Do not forget to include a hammer, a wrench, and ladder in your stock.

Do it alone

Ensure there are no playful hands nearby when you are assembling the playset. Keep little Tommy out playing with other kids, asleep or playing video games. There is a high chance that these little helpers will lose the small pieces of the set. Let them come back to enjoy the fun but are by no means to be part of the task force.

Be certain before “testing.”

You need to test your workmanship before letting the kids play on it. However, you do not want to embarrass yourself by swinging yourself to the ground. Tommy and his little sister may find this hilarious, but you know it is no fun. So, ensure you have put in every nut and bolt and have them appropriately tightened before putting your derriere on the line.

After installing your swings, carry out routine checks to ensure there are no sharp edges and the bolts and screws remain in place. Also, maintain the landing ground to ensure it remains softer than the ground.

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