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How To Know It is Time To Repair Your Swing Set Parts

The first playground experience of a child is usually the use of swings. They are an essential part of child growth since children can develop motor skills from the swing sets, including balancing and body coordination while swinging. However, you will need to regularly repair or replace your swings when it shows signs of breaking down. Here are the different signs you can look out for to know whether the swing sets need repair.

Check Out for Worn Out Hooks

First, you will need to replace the swings if the hooks are excessively worn. The “S” hooks are part of the swing set that can wear out after some time. The hooks should be the first things to check when inspecting your swing set parts and replace them when worn out. No one would want to ride on the swing whose hooks are rusty due to the risk of falling. You will need swing hanger replacement and test their strengths to ensure children do not fall because of the hooks detaching from the cross beams.

Worn Out Swing Chains

Secondly, replace the swing chain if they show any sign of wearing out within the connection points. Whenever the connection points are excessively worn out, they risk causing accidents by breaking down. Hence, be ready to replace the swing chains with new ones before disaster strikes. In some instances, the worn-out swing chains will start producing a squeaky sound due to rust. The swing set replacement chains are needed to reduce the risk of breaking down.

Old Swivel Rubber Sleeve

Also, replace the swivel sets when the swivel rubber sleeves show signs of becoming old. The swivel rubber sleeves are crucial parts of the swing seat that ensures children are firmly held when playing. However, the worn-out sleeves can break down when a child sits on the swing seat and causes injuries. The swing set seat replacement is needed to ensure the children are safe in the playground.

Rusting Connecting Points

Check whether the connecting points are broken or show signs of rusting to replace them. A good swing set should not have breakages on the swing welds or connecting points. Any rust or breaking welds increases the risk of accidents by weakening the swing quality. The connectors should also have free movements and should be replaced when they don’t move freely. Therefore, you should repair by cleaning up the swings from oil drops and ensuring there are no risks of rusting or breaking.

Exposed Metal Bars and Surfaces

Playground swings are made from highly durable materials such as still or heavy-duty plastic. However, the exposed metal bars and surfaces in the swings can be a risk to children. If you see signs of exposed metal on swing seats, you need to replace them immediately for the safety of the children, especially those with sensitive skin.

Time to Repair Your Swingset? Call Component Playgrounds

Swings are children’s equipment, but they need to be maintained for safety measures. The safety of these swing sets relies on being in perfect condition at all times. These steps describe how you can know the need for repair and replacement playground slide on your swing set parts. When you decide to buy a swing set for your backyard, you should also remember to replace and repair any breakages, rusts or worn out parts.

We offer replacement swing parts including swing hangers, swing chains, and tire swing hangers. Browse our selection of swing seats and accessories, and start swinging on your playground today! Please feel free to call our knowledgeable staff with any questions or have our staff help you take our components and put together a swing set that will provide fun for years to come.