Chain & Connectors

Swing Set Chains and Connectors

Carabineer Spring Clip
One carabineer spring clip.  Specifications: This clip is used to connect most swings and ot..
S Hook
One S Hook. Specifications: The S Hook is used to connect most swings and other items to chain. They..
Security Clevis
1 Security ClevisSpecifications: The Security Clevis secures your items by locking them together.&nb..
Zinc Chain
Price includes a PAIR of chain in 5 1/2' or 7 1/2' lengths.Zinc Chain is heavy duty and tested to ho..
H Shackle for Swing sets and Playgrounds
1 H-Shackle Specifications: The H Shackle secures your items by locking them together.  This..
Poly Coated Chain for Swing Sets
One PAIR of polymer coated chain. Available in 5'1/2" (8ft swing set) or 7'1/2" (10ft swing set)...
Allen Wrench
1 Allen Wrench KeySpecifications: Allen Wrench Key is required to open or close the "H" shackle o..
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Swing Set Chains

The safety of your playground equipment is important and so is the quality and durability of the accessories that go along with it. Component Playgrounds offers only the highest quality swing set chains and connectors designed to exceed playground safety standards. Ensure your children's safety while they enjoy hours of outdoor play with heavy duty swing set chains that will stand up to years of heavy usage. 

Explore Our Top-Quality Swing Set Chains and Connectors

When it comes time to replace swing set chains, be sure you choose top quality chains and connectors that are rated to hold 500+ pounds, conservatively, for durable and long-lasting fun for years to come. We offer both heavy-duty zinc chains available in many different lengths and poly coated chains, sold in sets, to ensure a comfortable grip for tiny hands. Don't forget the connectors, we advise replacing chains and connectors at the same time for a safer playground experience

Our specially trained playground professionals will be happy to help you and your family with the best customer service to help you choose the best replacement swing set chain and connector options to fit your budget and your needs.