Swing Seats & Accessories

Explore Component Playgrounds wide variety of swing seats, including a tire swing! Our half bucket seat or full bucket seat option makes a great toddler swing seat. Our standard swing seats come in a flexible, polymer strap material, a heavy duty steel-belted style, and also a hard plastic flat seat. Other fun swinging options include trapeze rings, trapeze bar, and our favorite, a buoy ball! Our swinging items are perfect for commercial swing sets used at schools, daycare's, churches, and parks. We offer replacement swing parts including swing hangers, swing chains, and tire swing hangers.  Browse our selection of swing seats and accessories, and start swinging on your playground today! Please feel free to call our knowledgeable staff with any questions or have our staff help you take our components and put together a swing set that will provide fun for years to come.  

Cyclone Seat
Hang your Cyclone Seat from a tree branch or swing set! What's Included: Cyclone disc seat with atta..
Polymer Strap Seat
This is a durable replacement seat for any swing set!Polymer plastic swing seat 2 Carabineers spr..
Roped Baby Swing
Plastic baby swing with rope. Great for hanging in a tree or on your swing set! Our Roped Infant/ To..
Stand 'n Swing
Stand 'n Swing! What a fun and new addition to add to your swing set! What's included: Roped Stand '..
Steel Belted Seat
This is a commercial grade, steel reinforced swing seat that will last for a very long time. Stee..
Flat Seat
The Flat Seat What's Included: Flat Seat 2 - CarabineersSpecifications: 19.5" l..
Half Bucket
Half  Bucket Seat for Toddlers The Half Bucket seat offers extra safety for toddlers. What's..
Full Bucket
The Full Bucket Child Seat What's Included: Full Bucket Seat 2-Carabineers ..
Aluminum Rings
  1 pair of Aluminum round rings. These rings are rated to hold 500 lbs. Rings include a pair..
Poly Coated Triangular Rings
1 pair of Polymer coated triangular rings; these rings are rated to hold 500 lbs. Rings include a..
Trapeze Rings Combo
Trapeze Rings One pair of trapeze rings, complete with a bar. A durable option from our Swin..
Super Grip Trapeze Bar
  Super grip trapeze bar, this bar is rated to hold 500 lbs. Trapeze bar include a pair of c..
Poly Coated Trapeze Bar
Polymer coated trapeze bar, this bar is conservatively rated to hold 500 lbs.  Trapeze bar i..
Plastic Tire Swing
Plastic Molded Tire Swing The tire is light weight, durable, and designed for fun.  The ..
Buoy Ball Swing Package
The Buoy Ball What's Included: Buoy Ball Poly Coated Trapeze BarPoly Coated Cha..
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