What Makes Up My Playground?

playground components guideA playground is a place where kids can run, jump, climb, pretend, and play with their friends.  The perfect playground consists of tools that will help them accomplish this, such as monkey bars, swings, imagination centers, puzzles, and wide open spaces. 

Why do you get the most complete playground from Component Playgrounds?

Component Playgrounds allows you to create a unique space that is perfect for your child’s needs.  Being able to customize the play set allows you to fill it with things your child will actually enjoy rather than getting a preset kit with activities that are not appealing to your family.  Creating your child’s playground helps you save money and make a space for them to play that is unlike any other.

Component Playgrounds’ play set options include Swing setsslidesmonkey barsteeter totters, playhouses and clubhouses.  Creating your play space is an individual activity; you can start small and add components over time, or create a large space with many activity centers away.  The choice is yours!

How to use components to build the perfect playground:

Playground Components Guide

If you are looking for ways to create the most exciting play set possible for your child, take a look at the versatile components:

Ladders and Slides – When you think about playgrounds invariable slides come to mind.  A play set doesn’t feel complete without one! What’s great about including slides in your play set is that they are safe for toddlers as well as older kids.  We offer traditional slides that are straight and come in several different heights as well as slides that twist, turn, and provide a bumpy ride on the way down.  You’re never too old for a slide – you may find yourself playing right alongside your child and their friends! 

Swing – Many adults can remember spending the afternoon swinging away.  Learning to swing yourself is like a rite of passage from little kid to big kid and it’s a skill that sticks with you forever.  Both single post and bipod swings are available for use so that young children and older children alike can share in the fun.  Our swings are made of both metal poles and galvanized chains that are coated to protect against the elements.

Component Playgrounds Guide

Climbing – Unique ladders and other climbing tools are a relatively new addition to the world of play sets.  They bring another dimension to play that includes hand eye coordination and large and small muscle movement.  Navigating these climbing tools will serve aid your child in problem solving as well as exercise their bodies.  But they won’t realize that!  All they will know is that they want top get up to the second level of the play set and the ladder or stairs is the way to do that!  Component Playgrounds offers metal and plastic stairs that can be outfitted to lead to a playground platform that has other activities in place.  There are a variety of styles to choose from to suit your unique playground creation.

Sports Equipment – Sometimes the play set is not enough.  This is especially true when you are trying to satisfy a range of ages.  Often, in community playgrounds and school sites, there is a combination of playground components and sports equipment such as basketball hoops and tether ball sets.  Component Playgrounds helps you recreate a similar playground set up yourself.  Add these components to your play set ad watch the kids migrate from one to the next, having fun and getting a thorough workout in the process.

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