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Our aluminum and poly-coated steel park benches, locker room benches and aluminum dugout benches have been designed to provide durability as well as years of classic style and usability. Our park benches, playground amenities and park amenities for school yards, public parks and private parks have been designed to provide a classic look as well as durability and functional appeal. Our Aluminum park benches and poly-coated steel park benches have been installed in school playgrounds, public parks and private parks providing an excellent experience for park patrons for years.

Aluminum Park Bench
Our aluminum park benches are available in two lengths, eight feet or six feet.  Our park be..
L Series Bench with Back
Custom Order. Upon ordering, it will take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Our 8ft Standar..
L Series Bench without Back B#L
Custom Order. Upon ordering, it takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. Our 8ft Standard I..
Poly Coated Park Bench
Our polymer coated steel park benches are available in two sizes: eight foot or six foot.  O..
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Benefits of Outdoor Park Benches

Picturesque in nature, park benches belong in idyllic scenes of the mind. For example, what would the movie Forrest Gump be like without the famous park bench in Savannah, where he told his life story to those who shared the bench with him? The truth is that park benches play an iconic role both in movies and in real life. Let’s take a moment to talk about the special space that outdoor park benches fill in our cities and in our lives.

Park Benches Often Play Center Stage

As mentioned above, park benches often become the location of memorable movie scenes. One might wonder why this is? Perhaps because park benches are a place where chance meetings or possible romances have the ability to blossom. Another logical reason why movies may take place on a park bench is simply that parks are a location where many people can identify with, which makes them an ideal place to shoot a scene.

In real life, there are many practical reasons why park benches are an appreciated and necessary part of American culture.

Outdoor Benches Reduce Isolation

I was strolling through the park one day…and I decided to sit on a park bench. So did another friendly soul. We started talking about the weather, and before you knew it, we were sharing stories and laughing.

Or, perhaps it went a little more like this. I sat on the park bench to quietly read a book, and so did someone else. They respected my privacy, and I respected theirs, and we sat there, enjoying the sunshine and the silence of each other’s company. In either case, it was a healthy way to remove feelings of isolation.

Park Benches Promote Outdoor Exercise

Many people enjoy running, walking or performing some other exercise of their choice in a park setting. Logically, people exercising will need a place to rest at times. A park bench is a perfect place to do exactly that. It is a place to sit and regain your strength. Park benches provide you with an opportunity to breathe in the fresh air and take a moment or two, just for yourself. A park bench is a place that you can go and linger there if you so desire.

Other Benefits of Park Benches

We can’t talk about the benefits of park benches without touching on their obvious inviting appearance. There are so many styles, and they are made out of so many materials to match so many tastes. They can be made of wood, plastic, iron or metal, or a combination. Park benches can be very sweet and simple, or very ornate. With that being said, no matter what style a park bench is, it is the idea behind them that is so thoughtful. They are placed strategically throughout parks, often in the most beautiful areas where nature can be viewed in all its glory. For example, sitting on a park bench in the fall allows you to enjoy the changing of the seasons. Park benches lend a hand to welcoming the atmosphere among the beauty of Mother Nature.

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