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Our aluminum and poly-coated steel picnic tables have been designed to provide durability as well as years of classic style and durability. Our park benches, picnic tables, playground amenities and park amenities for schoolyards, public parks and private parks have been designed to provide a classic look as well as durability and functional appeal. Our Aluminum picnic tables and poly-coated steel picnic tables have been installed in school playgrounds, public parks and private parks providing excellent durability and years of classic style and durability.

Aluminum Picnic Tables
Our Picnic Tables are constructed of Super 40 steel frames with 2” x 8” aluminum planks.  Ou..
Infinity Octagon Pedestal Picnic Table T46INFPEDS
Custom Order. Upon ordering, it will take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Introducing The New  INFIN..
Infinity Rectangular Picnic Table T#INF
Custom Order. Upon ordering, it will take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Introducing The New INFINITY ST..
Poly Coated Picnic Table
Our Poly-coated steel picnic tables are available in two sizes, 6’ or 8’. Can be portable or perm..
Regal Square Picnic Table T46RC4
Custom Order. Upon ordering, it will take 4-6 weeks for delivery. The Regal Style Square tables f..
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Aluminum and Powder Coated Metal Picnic Tables: Important Differences

Aluminum Picnic Tables

Aluminum is one of the most popular materials for those who are looking for a sturdy picnic table. Aluminum has some unique properties that lend to a unique blend of durability without becoming excessively heavy. There are a few points that everyone should consider regarding aluminum when they are considering picnic tables. Some of these include:

Maintenance: While other materials might lead to a tremendous amount of maintenance, this doesn’t happen with aluminum. Even though this material is tough and resilient, it is still very easy to maintain. This will help keep maintenance costs low while also extending the longevity of the table.

Resistance to the Conditions: Some materials might break down when exposed to heat, cold, and weather; however, aluminum tables can be left outside in almost any condition without getting damaged. This is a unique benefit.

Stains: Some materials will stain easily if exposed to spilled drinks, sauces, condiments, or other food items. These stains can be both expensive and time-consuming to remove. Aluminum will not absorb these materials. Therefore, it is incredibly resistant to stains from food and drinks.

Rust: Other forms of metal will rust easily if exposed to moisture. Aluminum will not do this. Aluminum is incredibly durable and will not rust if exposed to water. This adds to the longevity of aluminum picnic tables.

Light: Aluminum is incredibly light. This means that the tables are easy to pull out and put away. On the other hand, those who are thinking about going with aluminum tables also need to keep in mind that the tables might be carried off by the wind. Think about the weather conditions when it comes to aluminum picnic tables

Plastic and Powder Coated Picnic Tables

When someone is looking for outdoor picnic tables, they also consider going with a table that has been coated in plastic or powder layer that has been fused together with the paint. These tables come in a wide variety of colors that only add to the versatility of this material. At the same time, there are also a few other points that people need to consider this potential option. Some of the important points to remember include:

Durable: Powder-coated picnic tables are very resilient. Underneath the powder is a layer of metal. Coated metal is both durable and resilient. It will not scratch or dent easily.

Weather Conditions: This material will also stand up to almost any weather conditions. It will resist wind and water, meaning that it will not rust easily. This means that these picnic tables can be left outside for almost the entire year.

Food and Drink Stains: The vast majority of food and drink options will not leave any marks or stains on the surface of these coated metal picnic tables. This only makes the cleanup process easier and extends the life of these tables.

Seats and Tabletops: Keep in mind that anyone going with this option will have seats and tables that are made of different materials. Therefore, think carefully if the style of the outdoor picnic tables is going to be an important consideration. There are always options available.

Why Choose Component Playgrounds?

Your children or grandchildren deserve the best, safest and most reliable swing sets on the market. Component Playgrounds has been in business for 33 years because:

  • We make top quality metal swing set equipment
  • We manufacture High-Quality playground products that have been carefully designed to meet current safety standards
  • Our products encourage safety, fitness, and fun for family and friends
  • Trust component playgrounds for quality, reliability and customer service
  • The heavy-duty design will easily hold adults

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Invest in a High-Quality Picnic Tables

These are only a few of the numerous advantages of picnic tables from Component Playgrounds. We prioritize quality in all of our designs, meaning that our equipment is often passed down from generation to generation. We have been in the playground business for more than thirty years. This experience has given us a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to swing sets. All of our equipment is made in the United States and comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Check out our aluminum and powder-coated metal picnic tables today!

Why choose Component Playground's picnic tables?

Detailed written and photo diagrams are included for installation of all Component Playgrounds equipment. Component Playgrounds also supplies schools, public parks, and private parks with park grills, benches, bike racks and more. Component Playgrounds has been making schools, parks and backyards fun since 1984. We appreciate your consideration of our products and we are confident that you will be able to find the best park and playground amenities to meet your needs.