Component Playgrounds carries Goalsetter Basketball Hoops and equipment. Shop Goalsetter basketball hoop options online.

The most durable adjustable basketball hoop for the outdoors, with competition-grade performance. That’s Goalsetter.

Choose competition-grade performance with the most durable adjustable basketball hoops for your playground, backyard or driveway. Component Playgrounds is pleased to offer Goalsetter Basketball Hoops and equipment in Utah for hours of fast-paced play outdoors to get ready for the upcoming season or as a way to spend time with the family. With safety and quality in mind, the Goalsetter Signature Series offers a unique offset pole and internal compression height mechanism to enable rim adjustability from 6' to 10', a standard one-piece structural steel pole and fortified acrylic backboard or competition tempered-glass backboard options.

Where to buy a basketball hoop?

When you've made the decision to invest in a basketball hoop for your community, school, church or for your own backyard, Component Playgrounds is pleased to offer the highest quality, top-rated Goalsetter Basketball Hoop Systems designed for players of all ages. Choose from the following customizable Goalsetter Basketball Hoops and outdoor play equipment to last for years to come.

Goalsetter Contender
Goalsetter Contender – Signature Series An exciting addition to the Goalsetter line-up, the CONTE..
Goalsetter All-Star
Goalsetter All-Star - Signature Series Designed with the growing family in mind, the ALL-STAR will ..
Goalsetter All-American
Goalsetter All-American – Signature Series One of the most versatile goals in the Goalsetter line-u..
Goalsetter Captain
Goalsetter Captain - Signature Series Matching the MVP in appearance and strength the CAPTAIN gives..
Goalsetter MVP
Goalsetter MVP - Signature Series The original goal in the Goalsetter line-up, the Goalsetter MVP s..
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