In Ground Basketball Hoops

Basketball Hoops & Goals - Best Quality In-Ground Basketball Equipment

Our basketball hoops have everything you are looking for! We offer professional quality along with durability so that your basketball equipment is sure to last generations. If you are buying a goal for your home or for a park or school, we have a basketball goal that is perfect for your situation.

  • Backboards - Our backboards are fiberglass with a solid core so you don't have to worry about them breaking.
  • Poles - Our poles are solid steel so they won't get warped in adverse climates.
  • Rims - Our rims are institutional grade and will stay secure even through the occasional dunk.

Why get your basketball goal from Component Playgrounds?

We have been manufacturing playground equipment for more than 30 years. Our basketball hoops have been proven to be durable and perfect for any type of basketball court. Learn more about each piece of equipment below.

Basketball Hoop Installation

If you'd like a solid, permanent basketball goal, we've got the gear for you. We provide a lifetime limited warranty, so your in-ground basketball hoop installation should be designed for the long term. We were founded in 1984, and we've seen our durable Utah-made products tested by time.

Designing a Basketball Court for Your Residential or Commercial Application

Our basketball equipment is perfect for your backyard or driveway, a common area in your HOA and also heavy use areas like schools, churches, parks and campgrounds. Basketball hoops are popular play attractions anywhere. When you're designing your play area, take into account the players, the neighbors, the surfaces and the weather.

Choosing an Installer or DIY

Once you've decided on the right location, you may want to head to the hardware store to do it yourself or you may be saying "who does in ground basketball hoop installation near me?" If you don't have the time, we offer installation services for a reasonable fee. Our teams provide installation of our play sets and other equipment for residential or commercial locations. If you're game for this fairly easy task, let's talk about how to install in ground basketball hoop equipment.

Choosing the Best Location for a Basketball Court

Think about the ground in which you place the pole, especially issues such as persistent dampness. Consider the play and the court space, including whether the court is level. If you're using a single net for pick-up games and one-on-one, are you going to allow enough space for three-point shots? Where does the ball go if it makes it past the backboard? Maybe even think about late-night summer games and how sound will travel.

Digging the Hole

There are many ways to dig a hole, from construction gear and rented power equipment to motivated teens, so pick what's convenient and wise. You'll want a hole that's about four feet deep, large enough in diameter to fit the cardboard tubing you'll use for a concrete form. Remember, the concrete is not just there to hold the pole, but also to provide weight to anchor it and keep it stiff. You'll feel the difference in how your shots and play feel. 

Pouring the Concrete and Setting the Pole

If you're still thinking "are there folks who will do an in ground basketball hoop installation near me?" as you prepare for the final steps, this is the time to reach out. It's not a difficult part, but it is critical and takes a little time. You'll be working with some rebar, setting anchors in wet cement and protecting them with painter's tape, and letting it all set before you add the pole.

Waiting for the Concrete to Set

It'll take a few days for the concrete to set -- typically, wait for about three. If you're installing the equipment as a birthday present or for a community event, make sure to do the work far enough in advance of the big day to be ready for use.

Playing Basketball After Setting Up Your Basketball Hoop

Once you're done, you're done and ready for a lifetime of play and the memories and friendships that come from it. Enjoy!