Clubhouse Swing Sets

The clubhouse swing sets made by Component Playgrounds are built tough! These are maximum home playgrounds which offer maximum fun, maximum creativity and maximum exercise for your children! The Club house models include a super sized 6’ x 8’ plastic lumber platform for super duper sized fun! This platform made by Component Playgrounds is the largest size available in the market. Choose from our 8’ tall or 10’ tall finished swing height. Think of what your children can imagine when playing on an awesome Club House playground like one of these! Our Clubhouse swing sets have been designed to hold up to even the most active children. Your back yard will be the favorite of the whole neighborhood!

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Clubhouse Swing Set (CH20)
The CH20 Swing SetWhat a fun swing set! So much creativity can be born with the Clubhouse Deck. U..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH25)
The CH25 Swing SetThe CH25 is so fantastic! Slide races can be so fun with the two slides sit..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH30)
The CH30 Swing SetThe CH30 is the perfect swing set model for you and your family! This model has..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH35)
The CH35 Swing SetThis CH35 model is perfect for family and friends that love to play on monk..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH44)
The CH44 Swing SetComponent Playgrounds has made the CH44 durable enough to happily accommoda..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH45)
The CH45 Swing SetThe CH45 is the ultimate Clubhouse Swing Set! This swing set will accommoda..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH47)
The CH47 Swing SetThe CH47 is taller, stronger, safer and more fun! Your swing set is ma..
Clubhouse Swing Set (CH52)
The CH52 Swing SetThe CH52 is the largest swing set made by Component Playgrounds! What a swi..
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Best Clubhouse Swing sets for kids of all ages!

Choose from either of our 8’ tall or 10’ tall finished swing height. Trust Component Playgrounds for quality, reliability and customer service.