Top-Quality Heavy Duty Affordable Playhouse Swing Sets in Utah

The Playhouse metal Swing Sets are very cool! The 4’ x 4’ plastic lumber platform provides a great place for children to use their imagination. Choose from our 8’ tall or 10’ tall finished swing height! The same safety, durability, and quality standards that our customers have come to expect to apply to these awesome swing set playgrounds.
Playhouse Swing Set (PH20)
The PH20 Swing SetThe PH20 is designed for durability! Component Playgrounds builds their swing s..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH30)
The PH30 Swing SetThe PH30 is the best backyard swing set for your family! Get ready to make memo..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH35)
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Playhouse Swing Set (PH45)
The PH45 Swing SetThe PH45 is the swing set for you! Make your backyard swing set as fantastic as..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH47)
The PH47 Swing SetDo you have family and friends that like to play on different toys? Ev..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH52)
The PH52 Swing SetThe PH52 is a swing set fit for a park but can be installed in your backyar..
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    FAQ Kids Playhouse Swingsets in Utah

    Does Children's Playhouse Need Planning Permission?

    Whether you will need a permit or planning permission for a children's playhouse will depend upon where you live in, the size of the playhouse kids equipment, and whether you'll need a base for that playhouse. For example, our PH52 Swing Set spans 38' x 32' and we recommend having the base secured in concrete. Checking the local Utah Valley City website shows that any structure exceeding 200 square feet in area requires an inspection and permitting, thus residents here would require an inspection prior to installation. So before purchase, check your own city and neighborhood requirements and request an inspection if required.

    Can I Customize an Outdoor Playhouse?

    You can certainly mix and match any of our existing playset equipment, such as choosing a unique slide and swing set instead of a combined unit. We also do take on some type of custom work but will require payment in full before production begins and will require you to provide all measurements and desired design drawings. We also withhold liability for any incorrect measurements and all custom orders are nonrefundable, and we cannot accept them as returns.

    How Long Will It Take to Assemble an Outdoor Playhouse?

    Our Certified Playground Safety Inspector will guide you through the process. When pouring concrete, it's recommended to allow the concrete to partially cure overnight and then a full assembly of the playground equipment should be done the next day. Basic playset such as a swing set structure, should take between 3 and 5 hours while larger residential playground equipment may require up to 12 hours of skilled assembly. Once assembled, it's advisable to wait 3 to 5 days to allow concrete to fully cure before allowing anyone to play on the equipment.

    Can I Hire Someone to Assemble My Outdoor Playhouse?

    At Component Playgrounds, we will handle all the work for you. Consult with a Certified Playground Safety Inspector before building, as they can quickly identify any hazardous or non-compliant placements. When you are ready to personalize your playground set up, we will provide you a handy diagram to determine the space you need to have in your backyard to properly set things up. For example, a standard 12' swing will need a 13' long and a 24' wide space to sit in.

    How Much Space Do I Need for a Playhouse?

    Each of our products will list both their unique size and the total recommended area needed for installation.

    How Long Will It Take to Receive My Playhouse?

    Delivery times can vary based on where you are. Orders will take between five and ten days to process. After this period, customers generally receive their product within two weeks. Contact us directly at 1-877-530-0222 for a more personalized answer.

    What Kind of Maintenance Does My Playhouse Require?

    We recommend doing a weekly inspection of the general playground area to ensure no bolts are coming loose and all swing S-hooks are closed. Once a month, give the metal parts a light oil coating to prevent rusting and trim back any branches or greenery to ensure a six-foot clearance around the equipment. Once a year, consider raking and adding mulch or other ground covers. This article describes these general maintenance steps in more depth.

    What Age Is the Playhouse Good For?

    Generally, kids will most enjoy a playhouse between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. That said, some unique pieces of playset equipment are more timeless and apt to be enjoyed well into and even beyond the teenage years, such as the swingset.



Our Goals

Parents want their children to be safe in their own backyards, so we manufacture our swing sets with safety as our first goal.

Second is durability, our metal swing sets are incredibly durable and functional and are built to outlast all of your children. In fact, as your children grow and become parents themselves, this equipment will last long enough for your grandchildren to play on the same swing set that you are purchasing today.

Third, Component Playgrounds equipment encourages creativity! Imagination is a powerful thing, and soaring through the air encourages imagination and creativity! Swinging on a tall and secure swing set is just plain fun! We all love to swing! Your children will have fun, swinging as high as they can.

Quality Swingsets at Component Playgrounds

Choose from either of our 8’ tall or 10’ tall finished swing height. Trust Component Playgrounds for quality, reliability and customer service. For a quarter of a century, we have been making children smile with high-quality swings.