Playhouse Swing Sets

Awesome Swing Sets

The Playhouse metal Swing Sets are very cool! The 4’ x 4’ plastic lumber platform provides a great place for children to use their imagination. Choose from our 8’ tall or 10’ tall finished swing height! The same safety, durability and quality standards that our customers have come to expect apply to these awesome swing set playgrounds.

Playhouse Swing Set (PH20)
The PH20 Swing SetThe PH20 is designed for durability! Component Playgrounds builds their swing s..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH30)
The PH30 Swing SetThe PH30 is the best backyard swing set for your family! Get ready to make memo..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH35)
The PH35 Swing SetDo you have a family member or friend that loves to play on monkey bars? If so,..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH45)
The PH45 Swing SetThe PH45 is the swing set for you! Make your backyard swing set as fantastic as..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH47)
The PH47 Swing SetDo you have family and friends that like to play on different toys? Ev..
Playhouse Swing Set (PH52)
The PH52 Swing SetThe PH52 is a swing set fit for a park but can be installed in your backyar..
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  • Parents want their children to be safe in their own backyards, so we manufacture our swing sets with safety as our first goal.
  • Second is durability, our metal swing sets are incredibly durable and functional and are built to outlast all of your children. In fact, as your children grow and become parents themselves, this equipment will last long enough for your grand children to play on the same swing set that you are purchasing today.
  • Third, Component Playgrounds equipment encourages creativity! Your children will have fun, swinging as high as they can. Imagination is a powerful thing, and soaring through the air encourages imagination and creativity! We all love to swing! Swinging on a tall and secure swing set is just plain fun!
  • Trust Component Playgrounds for quality, reliability and customer service. For a quarter of a century we have been making children smile with high quality swings.

Choose from either of our 8’ tall or 10’ tall finished swing height. Trust Component Playgrounds for quality, reliability and customer service.