Starter Swing Sets

If you have kids, it is important to give them a place to be creative and active. A a backyard swing set playground is the perfect place for kids to safely play outside. Our starter swing sets are great beginner playgrounds for families that want their swing sets to last a lifetime, but don't have money for more expensive alternatives.

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Starter Swing Set (ST20)
The ST20 Swing SetThe ST20 is a great swing set to start out with, especially if you don't have a l..
Starter Swing Set (ST30)
The ST30 Swing SetThe ST30 is a great swing set to start out with. The slide is a great accessory..
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What makes these the best starter swing sets?

Our starter swing sets have the basic elements that make these simpler swing sets just as entertaining for your children. Unlike other starter swing sets, at component playgrounds, our starters are as durable as any of our other structures so kids of all ages can enjoy them.

Our Starter Swing Sets stand 8ft tall. Trust Component Playgrounds for quality, reliability and customer service.