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Make your home playground as awesome as the city park by adding these cool accessories! The metal bars of a zip climber resemble a zipper pattern to encourage fine motor skills and improve upper body, back and core strength.
  • Made of our Heavy CP40 pipe. These climbers will withstand years of heavy play.
  • All made to fit a standard 5ft tall platform.
  • Comes standard galvanized steel.
  • Custom heights and modifications are available upon request!
Component Playgrounds zip climber playground add-on features offset curves made from Heavy CP40 pipe, perfect for climbing up, down and side to side. Our standard galvanized steel zip climber is manufactured to fit a standard 5' tall platform, but we can customize this addition, upon request, to fit the height or specific modifications of your existing playground.

Zip Climber Playground Add-On

Give your playground an upgrade by providing a challenging climbing addition for elementary school-aged children. A zip climber presents kids an alternative route with options to climb alongside a friend or climb in a zig-zag to reach the top. Kids of all ages and abilities will benefit from imaginative play and cooperation with an awesome new zip climber. The zip climber is an excellent addition to introduce a unique and challenging experience that will keep kids of all ages interested, for hours of outdoor play. Component Playgrounds proudly provides the highest quality playground equipment in the USA!

Durable, High-Quality Zip Climber for Existing Playgrounds

The zip climber from Component Playgrounds is an easy-to-install, high-quality addition for any existing playground. We strive to provide safe and durable playground equipment to stand up to heavy play for years to come. A zip climber encourages essential physical and emotional development and will help kids learn important social skills with problem-solving and cooperative play.

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